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When BahnCard will be available to add to apple wallet?

DB should allow adding BahnCard into the wallet app. It’s reticent and not CustomerService friendly. Airlines eg. SAS allow frequent flyer cards in wallet. Why not BahnCard? Lazy programming? I know that you answered before but the answer is not satisfactory



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What do you expect for an answer in this customer community? We don't program anything. None of us make decisions vor the Deutsche Bahn. We are DB customers just like you and we answer the questions of other railway customers. You know the answer to your question. An answer does not become better by asking the question again. This isn't the railroad complaints office. This community is also not the place to give tips or suggestions to the DB. This is what the customer dialogue is for. You can reach him here:

DB Fernverkehr AG
Postfach 10 06 13
96058 Bamberg
Tel.: 01806 996633 (20 ct/Anruf aus dem Festnetz, Tarif bei Mobilfunk max. 60 ct/Anruf)