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I was mistaken in e-mail address and haven't access to my account and tickets

My name is *******. Today I booked the ticket after registration in system "http://www.bahn.de";. But it was mistake in my email address. How can I get the ticket?
My personal information in system : *******, ******* (wrong E-Mail), Benützername *******. Thank you!

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Hi pralinemaria, please remove your personal data.

You can call the service of bahn.de.

0180 6 10 11 11 - Questions about orders of online tickets
20 ct/call from landline, tariff mobile phone max. 60 ct/call

Otherwise if you also set the option "Handy-Ticket" during your order you can import the ticket into the DB-Navigator app too.

Hello pralinemaria,

if you logged in on bahn.de you can go to your last bookings, open the ticket pdf and print it or send it to an email address. The tips from maverick will work too. Either way you will get your ticket, it is not lost. /ti