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Mistake in Booking date

Dear Bahn De Team,

I have emailed to:
date: 4 August 2017 at 12:28
but have yet to receive a reply.

I made booking Order number: xxx on 2017-07-06.

To my surprise I have made a genuine mistake and booked this ticket for 28th July 2017, even though I was flying on 29th July 2017.

The train staff noticed my mistake and asked me to purchase a full priced new ticket for 41.50 Euro and suggested to contact by email.

I know this was my mistake, but would be willing to refund one of the paid ticket? I have attached my flight booking as proof that this was a genuine mistake in my email.

Kind regards

Mr Tang

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Hello JayT,

we have no insight into the data from the Online-Service. Please call the colleagues to get information about the current state of your request. You can reach your colleagues under the phone number (0049) 180 6 10 11 11 (20 cents per call from a German landline, max. 60 cents per call from a German mobile network; costs for calls from abroad depending on provider) daily from 00:00 to 24:00. /ni