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Zuge in Dezember 2015 und Januar 2016

I thought it was possible to buy tickets from Paris to Frankfurt and return for the end of December and the beginning of January.
But when I tried (many times) today to buy tickets, there were no more places available on 29 and 30 december, neither for return train on 4 january, mit sparepreise + bahnCard.
How is it possible ??

Moreover, It is really very annoying to check if there are places available on the train only after you entered your credit card number and many other operations !!!
Why is the website showing ticket prices when they are not anymore place available ???

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Hi JeanMi, the public transport timetable for trips from 13 December is published. Our offers (e.g. Sparpreis, Europa-Spezial) are also in travel information. After your selecting a connection is the system checked, whether a reservation is possible. Unfortunately, there are a reservation lock for connection with the French Railways. Please try again later or in a few days. /ch