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Why lowering the price to punish people who arrange their trip in advance

I bought two tickets for 32*2 euros 10 days before the departure. But the price becomes lower now(17.5*2) 4 days before the departure. I don't get this. The price almost becomes half, which is insane. I feel very bad using a higher price to buy the same tickets and I even book it earlier.




5000 / 5000

This is called "yield management".

Hello Yute,

I suspect that this is an offer at a savings price.

Savings prices are available in different price levels. The number and price levels of the savings prices always depend on the demand and the capacity in the booked trains.
If it is noticed during planning that a train is not used to capacity as expected, it can happen that at a later date favorable savin prices are adjusted. Depending on which offer you have booked, it is possible to cancel the existing ticket at the tariff conditions and make a new booking. /ka