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Yearly Abo money deducted 3 times

On January 8, 2020, I received an email offer to convert my monthly paper subscription ticket into a digital subscription. I have switched my subscription to digital. I was asked to send the paper ticket back. However, next day my digital ticket was showing status as cancelled. Hence, I didn't return my ticket. On February 2020, DB deducted money 3 times from my account. When I asked Abo-Center via email, they said that since I have digital ticket and paper ticket therefore they are charging money for both of my tickets. 2 times for paper ticket and 1 time for digital ticket.

This doesn't makes sense, In both the tickets, I have same Abo Number. Why and How they can charge for same ticket. There was no information prior given to me stating that I will be charged for both if I do not return my ticket. Also, these tickets are only valid with valid ID card that means I wasn't giving my another ticket to anyone else.

Being an English speaker, It is really hard to explain all this. DB have charged extra 462 Euro from my account without any prior notice and customer care don't speak English. Hence, should I loose all my hope?


No, you should not. There are two options. You write another email to the Abo-Center to solve the issue or you write the Kundendialog if the Abo-Center can't or won't solve your issue.