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Hello is the email still working?

Hello, due to a strike that will happen at the end of November I will not be able to use a ticket I have bought so today at the trainstation they Zugbindung aufgehoben my ticket. I have to ask for a refund but nobody replied to my email that i have sent to with the refund request. I have called them but for some reason fahrkartensrrvice does not receive my emails and I do not receive any confirmation email from them. What can I do to receive the refund if I have bought my original ticket online? Thank you



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Hello Franci08,

I have no information about a strike at the end of November.

Which offer have you booked, Flexible fare, Saver fare or Super saver fare?

If I understand it correctly, you have booked the ticket online at

If it is a refundable offer, you can make the booking yourself. You can use the order search to call up your order and cancel it using the order number. /ka