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Guten Abend! Where can I explain myself to an authority of the DB?! I was unfairly penalized...

As I explain to the ticket controller, I was sleepy and tired from walking through München all day, and I missed my stop (Lohhof) by one and accidentally entered the next ring: 8. I’ve bought my Isarcard for rings 1-7 for the entire duration of my trip, which he recognized but wouldn’t care when I explain that my hotel was in ‘der nähe von Lohhof‘ and show him the active travel suggested by the GPS where it was clearly visible that I was not planning to travel for free, but it was a mistake.


Vielen Dank in advance for your quick response!

Yes, I suggested (in my broken and terrible Deutsch) if I could pay a ticket for the additional stop I used, thanks to being sleepy and hearing music: a mistake, and got a penalty of €60.00 instead. I showed to the Fahrkartekontroller my route in my mobile phone, which was Feldmoching bis Lohhof in the S1, where is the hotel where I’m staying: Hotel Alarun, and he only used half of that information and stated in the ticket where I board the train (Feldmoching) which he couldn’t have known if I didn’t show him that in my phone.

I went directly to him before I switched trains to return to Lohhof, which I evidently wouldn’t do if I was trying to ‘cheat the system’ and fahren gratis!

Where can I talk to an authority of the DB and explain myself?!

Vielen dank noch einmal für ihren Unterstützung!

Liebe Grüße,


Vielen dank für ihren Unterstützung!

Certainly this is die beste Kundenbetreuung in Deutsche Bahn: kind, clear and helpful, not like your colleagues at

They didn’t allow me to express a few things in English, being a tourist, to clarify my point and closed the chat before I could use Google Translate to understand their response. Your colleagues should attend the same trainings and meet the equal criteria as you.

Vielen Dank!