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How can I get a PIN number to register my Bahncard in the app when I don't have a Bahncard number?

Hi, I ordered a BahnCard Probe today as part of my ticket and I am trying to get it on the DB Navigator app. I understand that the Card is needed when I travel in two days. When I am trying to register for my digital Bahncard in the app I have to request a pin number. But in order to get a pin number I have to have a BahnCard number. I don't know where I can see my card number. I only got an email with VORLÄUFIGE PROBE BAHNCARD 25 and Auftragsnummer. But no card number that I can use to get a pin code and register. So simply put, what do I do to get the Bahncard on the app in time for my travel?



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You can register to the BahnCard-Services only with the BahnCard-number. The number will be generated during the production process. Because you don't have a BahnCard-number yet, please show the digital PDF to the conductor at the ticket control. Best /ki