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Two failed tickets (xxxxxx and xxxxxx) to Köln Hbf from Singen Hbf on 1/07/2019

On July 1st, I bought two tickets(xxxxxx and xxxxxx) to Köln Hbf from Singen Hbf through DB navigator app. After I bought the first ticket, the app showed "journey cancelled" immediately. So, I bought the second ticket and when the purchase was finished, it said the partial journey to Stuttgart Hbf was cancelled again. And finally, I bought ticket from the DB machine and still was not sure about the journey so I went to the DB office and they changed my ticket that started my journey an hour later. So, can I get refund of the two tickets that I bought online? They have already deducted amount from my bank account. Please Help!

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Hello Bikram,

if I understand correctly, it came after booking to the failure of the booked train. Due to the timetable change, please contact the Passenger Rights Service Center for reimbursement. Here you will find the passenger rights form. / ka