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Timetable Change - Is my train arriving at the original departure station?

Hello, I booked two tickets for ICE 992 departing from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof on 03 June 2019 at 02:30am and arriving at Berlin Hbf at 7:58am.

However, I received a timetable change alert which basically said that the booked timetable is not available. Upon further search, I found out that the ICE 992 on 03 June will now depart from Frankfurt(Main) Hbf at 2:40am and will arrive at Berlin Ostbahnhof at 08:32 am. This is totally different from the booking I made.

My question is as my ticket is Super Sparpreis, is my current old ticket (Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbhf > Berlin Hbf) still valid for the new ICE 992 route (Frankfurt Hbf > Berlin Ostbahnhof). Can I use my old ticket to take the Sbahn from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt Hbf? Are my old seats reservation still valid?

Hope I can get a quick response as my trip is already nearing.



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Obviously there has been a change in the schedule and also the route of ICE 992, unfortunately. As it is not possible anymore to use the booked train from the airport station, you may take any other reasonable train connection to Berlin on the same day.

Your ticket is valid for the S-Bahn (or RE, IC etc.) connection to Frankfurt Hbf. Instead of ICE 992 you could take ICE 990 (and ICE 649, involves changing in Hannover) departing 01:19 at Frankfurt Hbf in order to arrive in Berlin earlier.

I am not sure about your reservation, i.e. if it remains in the system and will be valid from Hbf. If you want to take another train, you could change the reservation here: (Reservations are not compulsory on ICE trains.)