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My current order only shows 5 adults. I thought i booked 5 adults and 1 child w/seat assign. How do i add my 7yr child?

I thought i had booked 5 adults and 1 7yr child-only show 5 seats for 5 adults. How do i get my child added to the reservation and seat assigned. I could not edit on my booking.


This is not possible as the maximum group can be 5 people. If you would like to reserve seats for other travellers, please go to the train station in a DB travel centre (DB Reisezentrum). They will be able to help you and find seats in the coach. /ch



5000 / 5000

If your ticket can be refunded, you might want to take a look at
This is the booking site for groups with different rates than the ones from the normal booking platform.

Alternatively, go to an click on "Nur Sitzplatz (kein Ticket)". There you can buy just reservations without going to the travel centre.

I can't cancel and can't change adult passenger to child. Cant purchase child only. How am i going to get a seat for my child? Do i need to purchase another adult ticket and add her?

If you can't cancel your ticket, you can book a ticket for a child only. Please change in the field "Reisende" the option "Erwachsener" to "Kind 6-14 J.". Please note your child needs an own passport to validate the Online-Ticket. Otherwise you should book the ticket with the shipment option. Don't forget to check the field "Ticket für eine andere Person" while the booking process and enter your child's data. /ti

If possible, try to select the place near you. If this is not possible, you must ask on the train whether someone is changing seats with your child. /ch