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Does "Aigle" refer to Aigle, Switzerland on your menu?

Dear DB:

I was recently buying train tickets via your site for an upcoming trip this spring. I successfully purchased my tickets for travel within Germany, but I am having trouble buying a ticket that originates in Switzerland.

I am looking for an morning itineary from Aigle, Switzterland on June 11, 2019 to Frankfurt Flughafen. I found an itinerary that works, beautifully. On the website's drop-down menu, many versions of Aigle are listed. If I select "Aigle" on the drop-down menu, can you confirm that is Aigle, Switzerland? I would appreciate that immensely :)

I tried using "Aigle, depot," but I wasn't sure if that was correct either...and the site would not let me purchase the ticket.

Any help would be grand!

Many, many thanks,




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Aigle is the main hub and the station of the swiss federal railways.

Aigle Depot ist anohter station on the AL train liine from Aigle to Leysin: