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Can I brake the journey?

Sorry for writing in English - you are welcome to reply in German; I can read German but not write it.

I hold a super sparpreis ticket from Hamburg Airport to Aarhus (Denmark) and have a few questions to understand the ticket.

The ticket is of course with zugbindung, but how exactly is it working. Below the barcode in the app the tickets says:

CIV 1080
IC/EC Fahrkarte, Super Sparpreis EU (Einfache Fahrt)
Gültigkeit: ab 17.02.2019 - 20.02.2019

Klasse: 1, Erw.: 1, (-------)
Hinfahrt: Hamburg - Aarhus, mit IC/EC, (SKAN0507)

VIA: <1080>(17.02.2019)NV*Flensb 20:48 IC5727*Flensburg(Gr)<1186>

Is the zugbindung only between Flensburg and Flensburg(Gr) (which I guess is a technical station at the border?) Where I have to use IC5727 on 17-02-2019 at 20:48 ?
Or are there other bindings as well?

In more details, may I:

1) I am pretty sure that I can take any S-train during the day from the Airport to Hamburg Hbf, enjoy the city and then board the RE-train mentioned on the ticket to Flensburg and there change for the IC5727 - right?

2) I also understand that I can take an earlier RE-train to Flensburg, step off and explore the city, and be back at 20:48 for the IC5727 - right?

BUT may I also:

3) take an earlier RE-train from Hamburg towards Flensburg, brake the journey in Sleswig for a few hours and then take another RE-train the remaining way to Flensburg and board the IC5727?

4) if the Zugbindung is only between Flensburg and Flensburg(Gr), can I then brake the journey en Denmark eg in Fredericia (this is on the line - I will not travel another trainway)?

5) If I may brake the journey after Flensburg(Gr) eg in Fredericia, can I then stay there for 2 days and continue to Aarhus on 19-02-2010, given that the ticket is valid until 20-02-2019, and I brake after what is mention as with zugbindung?

Kindly inform me - thanks in advance

Kim Rasmussen


Mayby I should add:
In Denmark you may not brake journeys on normal domestic tickets(not even flextickets), but when you use an international ticket you can do it due to international rules saying that you can brake. But I am not sure if this rules only goes for flextickets, or also for super sparpreis? But if not, why mention that the ticket is valid for 4 days...?



4199 / 5000

The Zugbindung ist only in Germany, between Flensburg and Flensburg(Gr).


You also could break your journey in Denmark. There are no other bindings.

Hello KimRasmussen,

the answer from pedaa19 is correct. There is no train restriction in the local trains in the forerun. You can also use a former local train in the direction of Flensburg and interrupt the journey in Schleswig. It is important that you will take the IC 5727. There is no train restriction in Denmark (from the border), so you can interrupt the trip in Fredericia (also 2 days). /ka

Thanks for the answers - allow me one more question to understand:

Can I use trains after the section with zugbindung before I according to the tickets shall use a train with zugbindung? If my flight arrives ahead of time, I can take earlier trains to Flensburg, but can I then buy a local ticket Flensburg-Padborg(first stop after the section with zugbindung), and from Padborg ude the super sparpreis ticket again (also use it it trains with no zugbindung, but at ab earlier time than I could be there without a local bought ticket for the section with zugbindung)?

Kind regards