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Ticket validation issue

Last week on 22nd January 28, 2019, I have travelled from Amsterdam to Leipzig by Lufthansa flight. Then from Leipzig airport I have purchased a ticket in your machine at 16:27 of amount 4.90 euro (ticket no: 110 162 163) and travelled from Leipzig airport station to Leipzig-Leutzsch station. However, during my journey ticket conductor checked my ticket and said my ticket is not validated (there is no stamp) so it is invalid and I have to pay a fine of 62.7 Euro.
I have explained to him about my current situation that I am travelling first time in German trains and don’t know about your German system. However, he didn’t accept my valid reasons and he told me to pay the fine of 62.7 Euro. So, I have paid the requested amount to him.

Since I was in business trip I could not have time to send an email immediately and also I don’t know where to send my complaint. I would like to express my concerns and bring into your knowledge that I am innocent and punished even though I have explained my situations to your ticket inspector and have a ticket for my journey.
If require I will submit my flight ticket, boarding passes, my train ticket and receipt of train ticket.

I am always stay true to myself and live an honest way of living.
This incident affected me heavily and unable to express my feelings in words. I don’t know where to raise a complaint about this incident. I need a justice and a refund.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Kumar,

the ticket is a composite ticket of the MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund). The single ticket must be validated before departure, otherwise you will travel without a valid ticket. Please contact the MDV for clarification. /ka