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Refund not received

I still did not received my ticket refund for my trip almost one month ago. I received a receipt with amount and all details but never finally received money on my account.


Hello, Adam,

what kind of ticket did you get refunded? In the case of a cancelled Sparpreisticket, there is no money on the account but a voucher. May be the receipt is the voucher?

Otherwise, ask the office responsible for reimbursement.
For a returned ticket the service number of the Deutsche Bahn 0180 6 99 66 33.
For compensation in the event of delay, contact the Service Centre Passenger Rights 0180 6 20 21 78.

Hello Adam, is this about compensation for a train delay or cancellation? Have you indicated that you would like to be credited to an IBAN account or did you want the compensation as a voucher? /ch