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What does this mean "order no. for ticket retrieval is zero, make note of order no. & retrieve the online ticket later"?

Hi guys,

I booked a ticket and have paid it via Sofort (some amount of money has been deducted from my bank account). But then this sentence appeared: "Order number for online ticket retrieval is zero, make a note of order number and retrieve your ticket at a later date via booking review".

What does this mean? Should I wait for few days?

Danke im voraus!


Hi DB, I booked the ticket via Deutsche Bahn website, then continute to pay via Klarna (last night around 11pm). But then until now I have not got ticket confirmation. The only thing I got is the confirmation of payment from Klarna. I made complaint about it to them and they suggested me to contact DB. Danke im voraus!

Are you registered at bahn.de and do you see successful bookings there? If not, then there was no booking and you will receive the money back from Klarna within the next few days. /ch