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Monatskarten für Schüler not accepted by Bahn ticket collector

Hello every one,

I am a student who needs to travel for a month for my student job from Munich to lechfeld. I bought the student month ticket for EUR 275 which includes IC/ICE, on the page from where I bought the ticket, it said that it is only valid with authorization card which I have (a valid student card with enrollment). On the first day, when I was checked for the ticket, the ticket collecting gentleman told me that this ticket is not valid for you, because I had to get a special permission from from university, get it stamped again from Bahn office, in short I was left with no other way except buying a new Month's ticket for EUR 318. I inquired Bahn office at Munich central station and they insisted that you cannot buy this ticket online, and you can only buy this ticket from Bahn office after presenting the permission from my university.

Now, I am a poor international student who had to buy an extremely expensive ticket because there was no information whatsoever on web portal from where I bought the student ticket. I have called several contact personals and visited Bahn office several times but nobody cares if a student has nothing eat because he bought an extremely expensive ticket.

Does anybody know if I can get my student ticket, that is of no use to me, refunded? I will forever be in debt to any help.


Thank you very much for your prompt response. I understand that. Student tickets are only valid from the start of the month. So, my ticket was non-refundable as soon as I clicked "Buy".

Is there any way I could get this mistake corrected?