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Are BahnCard25, BahnCard50 and BahnCard100 valid for trips from Germany to Switzerland


I am going to travel between Stuttgart and Zurich 2-3 times in a month. I am planning to buy BahnCard but I have two questions.

1) Is BahnCard25 is the only card type that is valid for my intended trips or Are BC50 and BC100 also valid ?

2) If I have to make a change to Swiss Railways during my trip, do I get a discount for it too or do I have to pay a full price for it ?
For my second question I can give you an example:
Assume, I start my trip from Stuttgart and first go to Karhsruhe (by IC 2264) and then I take the ICE 371 to go to Basel and from there I take IC3 (SBB train). In which trains do I get a discount with Bahncards?
Another valid option for my trip is first taking IC 185 train to go to Singen and taking IC4 from Singen to Zurich. Again, does the bahncard provide discount for both of the trains ?

EDIT: 2 small update.
1) I also have a VVS card (it is called as a student card I guess) that I use to take S-bahn &U-bahn trains freely at weekends or after 6 pm at the weekdays.
2) The final destination I would like to arrive in Switzerland is Brugg Ag not Zurich, I am also open to other options if there exist.



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Hello erenaydayanik,

  1. No, the BahnCard 25 is not the only card type that is valid for your trips.
  2. It depends on the ticket you buy. With a Sparpreis (saver fare) you get a discount with your BahnCard 25 for the German part of the journey. With a Flexpreis (regular fare) you get the following discounts:
    1. BahnCard 25: 25 percent for the German part and 15 percent for the swiss part
    2. BahnCard 50: 50 percent for the German part and 15 percent for the swiss part
    3. BahnCard 100: 100 percent for the German part and 15 percent for the swiss part

The VVS card is valid in regional trains in the VVS region only and in the ICs to Singen til Böblingen. /ti



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I answered a similar question here in German:

You must do some calculations yourself:

The most expensive and most flexible option ist to buuy a Bahncard100 and a Swiss GA, which will give you free travel within Germany (including SOME city/regional buses and trams) and Switzerland (including virtually all public tansport):

If you consider this too expensive, you can buy a Bahncard 50 AND a Swiss Hafe Farecard:

With this combination you get 50% on Flexible tckets both in Germany AND Switzerland.

You can book tickets on staing thes 2 reductions cards without problems, but for DB online tickets onlx one reductuon card at a time can be chosen.

The Bahncard50 and also the Bahncard25 include Railplus, which means maeger 15% on the Swiss part, if you have no addiotional Swiss Hafe Fare Card.

Thhe DB ticket is valid to Basel Bad, Waldshut or Schaffhausen, from there you will need a Swiss ticket. From Basel it is alway an ordinary SBB ticket.

From Waldshut or Schaffhausen it can also be a Z-Pass-ticket: A-Welle-version from Waldshut ort Ostwind-version (formerly Flextax) from Schaffhausen (also valid in IC trains).

Z-Pass tickets are quite expensive compared to the pure ZVV tickets which extend from Schloss Laufen or Dachsen to Zurich – but you must then take the slower route via Winterthur rather than Bülach.

The final destination Brugg AG would prefeer crossing into Switzerland at Waldshut, from where you can use a pure A-Welle ticket: