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Does the DBBahncard cover a trip to Brussels?

I want to buy a DB Bahncard 50 since I am moving to Brussels but I would like to continuously travel to Hamburg. I want to know if the Bahncard covers Brussels (everything is operated by DB but of course I understand that is outside Germany).

If it is not cover, is there any other services that you offer that could reduce the expenses of my continuous trips to Brussels-Hamburg?


Hi FranciscoWR , it depends on the tariff, because you choose with the BahnCard 50. With the safer fare "Sparpreis Europa Belgien", you don't receive any discount on cross-border ICE traffic between Belgium and Germany. If you buy a flexable ticket "Flexpreis", you get 50 discounts for the German part of the journey and 15 discounts on the Belgian part. With the BahnCard 25 you get 25 discounts for the German part and 15 discounts for the Belgian part with the safer fare "Sparpreis Europa Belgien". /ch