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Ticket complain

I have bought Sbahn ticket from the airport to haupbahnhof from the the ticket counter at the airport. They failed to gave me the ticket only the receipt that I have paid. Unfortunately the train inspector didn't take it and I had to pay fine 120€ for 2 persons which was not my fault. The ticket counter at the airport really didnt give me the tickets only the receipt and I have no idea and now because of her fault I have to pay the fine !! Which Iam really mad about it ... I have all the receipt with me. The inspector at Sbahn on sept 27th S1 on 17.51 was very very rude !! She didn't care that we weren't understand about all of this and the fact that it wasn't our fault ... she was a very rude and mean old lady and I feel ripped off !!!! And I want my money back... please help




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Hello Tariku,

please contact the service center Fahrpreisnacherhebung with your objection. The contact persons can be found here. You can also chat with colleagues. Unfortunately we can't help you here in the DB Community. /ni