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Hello Alona,

there are different ways of travel. If you want to go by long-distance trains you can checkout our saver fares (http://bahn.de/sparpreisfinder). For regional trains only you can buy a Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket. /ti

That really looks like a zigzag route. Are you sure with the order?
Advice also depends on your flexibility. With the saver fares you are booked on a certain long distance train, however, connecting regional trains can be added on the same ticket.

Neptun, thanks for the answer. We do have that zigzag route because we are big fans of German football. The games are taking place in that cities and in that order. Could you help us connect regional trains on the long-distance trains? Thank you in advance.

You should check all your journeys and prices at https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de, select your language at the top right corner. Because of the zigzag route I don't think two days can be connected for one ticket.
Some hints: Without ticking "prefer fast connections" you can get longer but cheaper offers. Try both with/without "only local transport". Choose 2 travellers, both "Without BahnCard".

Dortmund-Gelsenkirchen: Best should be the Regional Express (RE) and buy the ticket locally (VRR network).

Gelsenkirchen-Paderborn and Paderborn-Duisburg: "SchönerTagTicket NRW" includes local transport and detours with regional trains. When IC/ICE is used, note that "Sparpreis" includes local buses/trams to/from your local destination ("City-Ticket"), but "Super Sparpreis" does not.

Duisburg-Hannover: "Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket" is flexible for regional trains (I think buses are excluded). Saver ticket might be more convenient.

Prices of Saver tickets will change over time, i.e. usually go up. The others do not, so better buy them just before you travel (might not be refundable).