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Hello,I'd like to buy a ticket via PayPal but I keep getting the same answer that this type of buying tickets is not available at the moment "Die gewählte Zahlungsart steht zurzeit leider nicht zur Verfügung. Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlungsart aus." I'm confused since on this website it clearly says that PayPal option IS available. Is it a temporary problem or...? I'm from Serbia and this is the only way i can buy a ticket.

One more question: I guess buying tickets in advance is preferable than buying them on the spot when one arrives at the station...because I'm not sure I'll find free places in that particular train.


Hello Artie,

what type of ticket (super saver fare, saver fare or flexible fare) you want to book and for which route?

You have also the option to reserve a seat only, so you can book the ticket at a later time. /ju

I'd like to buy a return ticket from Düsseldorf Airport to Siegen, 2nd class.
Ordinary ticket, no flexible fare or something like that.
Isn't reserving a seat the same as booking? Besides, I have tried to this but it wouldn't let me.
After the "Ticket und Reservierung" step when I go to "Zahlung", the system tells me I cannot pay via PayPal. When I look at my account there are no tickets reserved/booked at all. There should be an option,like you said, to at least reserve a seat. There is only the option of adding this ticket to my account for further viewing, by clicking on the "Merken" icon.
Oh, and thanks for the quick answer!

Hello Artie,

I just adjusted the booking. I am offered on both bahn.de and in the DB Navigator the booking with paypal and can also be carried out. / ka