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How can I tell the train configuration for the high speed train Munich to Vienna?

I want to buy a seat facing to the front so I will not be travel sick. There are first class seats in 26 & 27 with no further cars listed after car 27. Does this mean car 27 is first? car 27 last?



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Hello MJE,

the order of the cars can not be seen in the display on Bahn.de. There are also train connections where the train changes direction several times during the journey. In addition, it can happen every now and then that on a train the cars are in reverse order.

There is a private website where you can look up the scheduled wagon order for each section of the trip.
With this information you can then select the appropriate seats on bahn.de. However, due to traffic disruptions, you can never be quite sure that the cars will not run in reverse order.


Hello MJE,

the order of the coaches and the direction of travel can be seen in the display on bahn.de for the most trains. This can be viewed during the booking process under "Ticket & reservation" and then under "Select seat". /ju