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Who are qualified for pursuing German rail pass?

Hello, I want to ask if we are qualified to buy German rail pass.
My wife and I are Chinese citizens(Chinese passport), and currently live in German with a residence permit of 2-year(student visa and family visa). According to the requirement of German rail pass pursuing, the people whose permanent residence should be out side Germany, turkey and Russia. Although we have a temporary residence permit in Germany and currently live in Germany, Germany is not our permanent residence country according to the law. So, will we able to order German Rail pass?
I know that there are some answering already, eg. can a foreigner with a residence card buy the pass? some say yes, some say no. The answering are conflicting each other.(some times even confirmed by DB)
I do want a confirmed official answering. Thanks



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Hello Luo,

if the country of residence is Germany, the German Rail Pass can not be purchased. The German Rail Pass is for travelers with permanent residence outside Europe, Turkey and the Russian Federation.

Here this question has already been answered. /ka