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I bought summer-ticket from ticket machine, what should I do next to book my journey?

I already bought the ticket for 96 euro. It's just a paper with some blank field to be filled by hand for 4 journeys.

I thought I should get some code from buying the ticket and then book each journey in this link https://www.sommer-ticket-bahn.de/index.xhtml?

Or the code is already located in the ticket, which one? So sad that I can't read any German text.


Hello Sleepz,

if you bought the ticket at the ticket machine, consider the following

Please note the travel date (day and month), the departure station and the destination station on the ticket before the start of each ride. The departure station and the destination station must be in Germany. You also have to note your name on the ticket.

Here you will find more information, but only in German. /tr

Thanks, I have additional question.
Suppose that I want to travel from Augsburg to Koln (Cologne)
I can fill Augsburg as my departure station and Koln as my destination station.

My question is that if during the journey I need to change the connection somewhere to continue to Koln station.
So now I will be in the train of some station heading to Koln. How is the officer know that it is the same ride as the first journey?

Hello Sleepz,

you can insert a stop / break within the period of validity. It is important that you have completed the journey until 10 o'clock of the following day. /ka

That's great!
So if my trip are travelling from Bremen (06:44) to Koln Hbf (09:48) , go around in the town for a while and then continue travelling heading to Bonn Hbf to visit Schloss Brühl in the afternoon. Then heading from Bonn Hbf (19:14) to Stuttgart (22:24).

All of these in the same day, starting from 06:44 to 22:24. I can write Bremen as my departure station and my destination station will be Stuttgart. Summer-ticket will cover all of the travelling cost for me, right?