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How can I specify a different shipping address for my new BahnCard? I will be travelling for business.

I do not wish my BahnCard to be delivered to my home address because I will be travelling for business.

Is there a way to specify a different address that the card should be delivered to instead of the address attached to my DB profile?





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The Bahncard is always delivered to the BAHNCARD(!!!)-adress in your account. There are TWO Adresses in your account. You can change the BAHNCARD adress in your account, then the next Bahncard afterwards is shipped to that new address.

Some time ago I changed my addresses in order to receive a free ticket for my bonus points to my secondary address, for some reason I also received a replacement Bahncard without asking for it. (ONE replacement Bahncard is free in case of loss or theft, you have to pay for another replacement. As I did not lose the unwanted replacement Bahncard there was no need for discussion of paying for any desired replacement in case of loss or theft.)

You can also store a Bahncard in the DB navigator app. It works for most trains withoin Germany and even for some abroad.


the BahnCard will be sent to the registered address. It is not possible to enter a delivery address. But maybe you can also download the BahnCard to the DB Navigator app. / ni