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Vxxxxxxxxx passenger rights case


This is regarding my journey(2 person) on 01.05.2018 from Amsterdam central to Hamburg hbf.

The connecting bus was cancelled from Groningen station.

So I had taken flixbus from Groningen to Bremen (25.99 euro) and Bremen to Hamburg (15.99 euro).

This flixbus cost was extra due to cancellation of connecting bus from Groningen.

I had submitted claimed form to hamburg db office and I have received 22.95 euro as refund. And this 22.95 euro was refunded with wrong reference number i.e. xxxxxxxxx. My full flixbus ticket is not refunded and this may be due to wrong reference number.

Please check and refund the complete extra flixbus amount.

My mobile no. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My email id : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Vivek,

in that case the Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte refund the delay only. They forwarded your papers to the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). The NS will refund the FlixBus ticket. /ti