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I can't sent my Bahn card flex 25 back to the service center.

I send email several times. I have kundigung my Bahn card flex 25 but I can't send my Bahn card back to the service center in Frankfrut because someone took my wallet including the Bahn card.
I need to solve this problem as soon as possible because I need to come back to my home country.
If reiussing my Bahn card is possible, I will reissue my card and send it to the service center. Is it possible?
I really really need to have kundigung before July because I will remove my bank account here in German soon.
So Please let me know how to solve this problem as soon as possible.



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Hello tomato61,

as my colleague wrote under your first post, please contact the BahnCard-Service. We don't have any insight into your customer data. I close this post because of duplication. /ni