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Less than 3minutes was there to buy the ticket in DB app and got fined 60euros

Hello, my name is Karthik and I am a master student now living in Dresden. I was travelling from Dresden to Mannheim with IC and ICE connections on thursday. First IC train was at 5:21 am to Leipzig and unfortunately, I reached the Dresden HBF on time and was trying to buy the ticket in DB app but it was saying less than 3 minutes left for the train to start and I couldnt buy the ticket. Before entering into the train I explained my problem to the ticket collector and he said get into the train first we will see that later. Then another Ticket collector came to me and I explained the scenario to him and he asked me to pay the ticket price in hard cash but I was having less hardcash, so I gave him ny debit card and unfortunateky it was not acceptable. I didnt know that. So he gave me fine receipt of 60 euros and asked me to explain the situation in the travel center. When I did the same, they asked me to contact DB on this issue. What should I do now? someone help me please. I am a student learning Deutsch and I cannot speak Deutsch fluently and 60euros for me is a big amount and I have bought the Leipzig to Mannheim ticket also which costed me 120euros. Please help me.



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Hello KARTHIK6289,

when you start your journey, you must be in possession of a valid ticket. If you want to buy a ticket in the train (only possible in far destination trains), you have to have the money in cash or a credit card (no debit card) is needed. The claim to issue a ticket expires three minutes before departure of the train. Thus, it was no longer possible to purchase a ticket for your train in the DB Navigator.

Since you could not show a valid ticket on the train, the increased fare was charged on the train. The increased fare is twice the Flex price for the journey already covered by the traveler, at least EUR 60.00.

You are welcome to contact the colleagues of the customer dialogue for examination. Here you will find the corresponding form. /ka