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Best option to book an ICE train from Frankfurt Flughafen...


I would like to book an ICE from Frankfurt Flughafen to Nuremberg for 4 adults next week but am unsure what my best option is. For example, if the plane is late and we miss the train that we have pre-booked including reserved seats, what are our options? Is it easy to book from the train station with the kiosk? Or?
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Hello Andreadoria,

if you book a special rate (Sparpreis-Ticket), then you are bound to take the trains that are mentioned on the ticket. If you do not reach your booked train, you will need a new ticket.

If you book a Flexpreis Ticket, you can also use the later trains for your journey. Please note only the route text of the ticket.
You can book tickets at short notice in the DB Travel Center, at the DB Ticketmachine or in the App DB Navigator. /ka