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Message says: "all 1st and 2nd class seats booked, cannot guarantee service." Will there still be non-reservable seats?

I have booked a Train EC 170 from Prague to Berlin this Monday. When I booked it a month ago, there was no way to reserve seats, so I didn't pay for something I could not have. Now it says "exceptionally high passanger volume" from Bad Schandau to Berlin and that all seats from Prague to Berlin are reserved. It also says to choose a different service for my convenience.Will there be seats on the train that are non-reservable, what can I do?



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Yes, there are also places on the train that cannot be reserved. There are also people who have made reservations but will not show up. For this reason, there is still the possibility to get a seat.

Hello Thomasdrf ,

when you booked, there were no reservations possible. But this is now over, so that all travelers can book seats. If you can not be go with this train on Monday, have it confirmed on the ticket and take another train. If you are lucky, there are still places available on the train. /ni