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How do i get the ticket and reservation for the bike?

I just made a booking for Holland-Koblenz and back. I tried to book for a bike too, but the reservation system said:

Leider ist für diese Fahrtmöglichkeit eine Buchung der Fahrradkarte im Internet nicht möglich. Sie können ihr Ticket jedoch ohne Fahrradkarte jetzt buchen.

Because the tickets got more expensive I did not want to wait so i made the booking. How do I get the reservation and ticket for my bike? I do not live in Germany so I cannot go to a german trainstation (;



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Hello jis,

the booking of bicycle transport in international trains isn't bookable online. You can make the reservation by calling: 0180 6 99 66 33 (20 ct / call from a landline, mobile tariff max 60 ct / call), in a DB Travel Center or in a DB agency. When you book by phone you can bicycle map and the reservation will be sent. /ka