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BahnCard extension and unsubscribe


I had a 3-month BahnCard25. After it's expiration, I received an e-mail that my BahnCard is renewed for 1 year and stating that I need to pay for it. First of all, why does the system renew my card to a longer version of it? As an expat, I wasn't aware of this automatic renewal thing. And the renewing to a more expensive option is to me a cheap strategy (sorry to say).

Related to the case, I sent several emails to bahncard-service@bahn.de and didn't receive any response. I then called the call center, and kept in the line more than 1 hour with no response. In the end, I paid for it since I don't want to end up with debt. But I do not want it to be renewed automatically again. I have sent a request of termination of my card, but they didn't send me the confirmation. I want to use my card until its expiration date since I have already paid for it, I only want to unsubscribe.

Could you please inform me how to do it?

Also, as you may understand, I am very disappointed by your service. As customers, how can we contact you if we cannot get any response to our e-mails and wait in the line for hours with no response from your call center?



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Hello expat,

unfortunately all BahnCard contracts are subscriptions and renew for 1 year if you don't cancel them at least 6 weeks before the expiry date.

Here is the link to unsubscribe your BahnCard:


(I have to say that I never used this link before. Therefore I have no experiences with it. I always wrote a short letter to

60643 Frankfurt am Main

and received a confirmation letter shortly after.)