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Cross Border Travel with BahnCard 100

I would like to know if BahnCard 100 is valid only within Germany even I found a direct IC bus/ICE train heading to the destinations in foreign cities (e.g. Paris and Amsterdam).

Besides, if I am going to the city next to Germany border (eg. Szczecin in Poland or Strassbourg in France), do I also need to buy extra ticket?

if not, how is the price calculated ?



1 / 100




5000 / 5000

The Bahncard100 is only valid within Germany until the tarriff border, which sometimes is just an imaginary point marked (Gr) or (MS) for Grenze=border, e.G. Aachen Süd, Kehl, or Mitte See = Midddele of Sea, between Puttgarden and Rödby Denmark. but sometimes a border station: either the last station in Germany Passau, Lindau, Waldshut or the first or another staion abroad. Salzburg Hbf, Kustein, Basel Bad:


You have to pay from the border station and get 15% on the flexible rate. But these tickets can be bought at the couter or a ticket machine only or from the foreign train operator, which unlike DB allow Bahncard100 as areduction card (http://www.oebb.at, http://www.sbb.ch, http://www.oui.sncf,…). Or you book online from a German station before the border (e.g. Aachen Hbf) stating BAhncard50 in order to get 15% reduction on the flexible rate. If the foreign operation accepts Bahncard100 as a reduction card in te booking process, it is advisable to book the entire tripp including the German leg for passenger rights reasons.

Going from Aachen to Liège and Maastricht on a day trip you can use the Euregio ticket:


For Strasbourg in the direct TGV there is a special 5€ add-on ticket available at the counter, not online, maybe at the ticket machines. Alternativeley, you can travel just to Kehl and take the Strasbourg tram from there:


The SCIC/TCV-price from Tantow (Gr) to Szczecin is very expensive and does not include the trams! There is VBB-ticket from Tantow to Szczin including the trams, however:



This ticket is only available from VBB-DB-ticket machines at stations where the DIRECT train departs from; at the counter they will only sell you the xpensive SCIC/TCV tickets!

If you have time to spare, the weather is fine and you like hiking I can recommend the following route to Zurich:

1. Take the DB train to Neuhausen (Bad) with your Bahncard100 (for Neuhausen you need a Swiss tircket from Schaffhausen!)

2. Enjoy the view and walk down to the Rhinefalls, cross the Rhine on the railway bridge directly above the Rhinefall and walk up to Schloss Laufen. (It is definitely worth paying for the even better views from the galleries.)

3. From Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall either take the train to Winterhur (calls April to Oktober only!) or the bus to Dachsen and catch the train there. From Schloss Laufen the rather cheap ZVV day passes are already valid; they will alo allow you to go asfar south as Rapperswil, onto the Uetliberg and use the boats on lake Zurich for an additionl 5CHF per day:


Beware that the Bahncard100 is not valid between Basel Bad and Basel SBB; the DB conducturs don‘t care, but plain clothed SBB ticket inspectors might charge 100CHF! Get out at Basel Bad or buy a TNW-day ticket onle before, it is also valid between Basell Bad and SBB: