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How co I reserve a seat when I have already purchased a eurail pass?

I purchased eurail passes for my spouse and I. We are traveling within Germany and Austria and have a flexi pass. I do not understand how to make only a seat reservation. thank you for helping me.


Hi phughes, if you want a seat reservation in our trains, you can buy it online on bahn.com or at Eurail. There is no mandatory reservation in our trains in Germany. /ch



5000 / 5000

Did you buy 1st class passes? Then I would not reserve in Austria at all, in Germany it might get busy at times during peak hours.

With a first class pass you are NOT entitled to use the DB lounges in Germany, but you are entitled to use the ÖBB lounges in Austria:


If you have a hotel near the staiton you can enjoy some wine or beer in the evening and good coffee and high-quaöity juices there, just bring a e.g. a croissant yourself. Thus you can beat high prices for hotel breakfast.

In Germany 1st calss greatly increases your chances of finding a seat without reservation..