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Wending machine not returning the money back?


My German is still not on a good level for this complaint, therefore I will type it on English instead.

Yesterday (10/02/2018) at 17:23 I was in Taunusanlage S-Bahn station and bought "Einzelfahrt" ticket for S-Bahn which price was 2,75 EUR. During the payment of the ticket, I payed it with 20 EUR bill. The machine instead of returning me 17,25 EUR back, returned back only 2,25EUR.

I have the "Einzelfahrt" ticket bought yesterday kept in a purpose of this complaint.

Please can you advice me how to proceed further in order to obtain rest of my money back?

Kind Regards,


Hello DavorKarasic,

please contact the free service number 0800 2886644 to solve the issue. The number is also available at the ticket vending machine. /ni