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Correct Times in App

I frequently purchase my DB tickets before I leave for Europe (from Canada - 9 hours difference in time zones). I receive my tickets and schedules on my iPhone and all is good until I arrive in Europe. The train departures fluctuate from the actual times to 9 hours behind! If I'm on the train and connected to the internet, they are good, but if I am not connected to the internet, they are all 9 hours later. This is possibly because we turn data roam off (because it is VERY expensive for us).

Also, since 2018, the App crashes unless I am connected to the internet or have data roam turned on . This was not the case previously (you could open up your ticket without being connected. This is a problem for us as noted above that data roam is VERY expensive for us.

Have these errors been noted &/or is there a fix for them coming soon?



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