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worse customer service

I am an English speaker. I was in DB bhan Customer care in Düsseldorf HBF to have some information regarding Young Ticket Plus. Normally a person should take a waiting number to talk with an assistant. When i asked for the number the person who heard my query said i do not need the number. As he said i have spoken with a lady who already was so tired to talk. She was not happy to provide clear information when she told me to read about it on their websites! When i asked her to introduce to his manager, she was kind of mad at me. and in one point she has been to back office and manager came. When he came and ask me, "what is your problem?" i completely understand he has been given a bad impression about me! I did not want to complain about her, just ask if a Trainee buy a young ticket plus, is she/he able to travel in the weekend all over the country? he replied am i crazy! i got shocked! As a Manager the way he treats me, i was so sad. I asked him if i make any mistake to ask you a question will you punish me or explain me? he replied he does not have any time for the person like me! I realize there is no more point to talk just ask what his name. He said what I will do to know his name, i said i would like to let head office know about his service. He was like, i damn care, i just wrote the name from is nameplate, X. XXXXXXXXX the of that manager. Now i do not know is there anybody who really care about least respact for customer who really do not have enough knowledge about Germany?

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Hello Saam,

this community is only for the exchange of knowledge among the users. Employee complaints can be communicated to my colleagues from the customer dialog (Kundendialog).

The YoungTicketPLUS is an offer from the passenger transport executive „Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr“ (VRR). You'll find the conditions in a PDF download file here at the right box. 

Because of the duplication I will close the other two posts./tr