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Can I exchange the ticket from bahn card discounted one to normal one?

I booked the ticket with BC 25 option-25% discount, by mistake.
Accordimg to online ticket explanation exchange or refund is not possible with my ticket.
Can I exchange my ticket just about BC option?


Hi Amama, if you have purchased a ticket with BahnCard discount and you don't have a BahnCard, your ticket is invalid. You can buy an additional payment (in German „Nachzahlung“) in our travel center („DB Reisezentrum“) at the station. The additional payment costs 25 percent of the flexible fare („Flexpreis“). The other alternative is to cancel the saver fare ticket („Sparpreis“) – if the terms and conditions permit. Exchanges or refunds aren't available for special offer like „Sparpreis Aktion“. /ch