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Bahn card 100 travel in sprintee in Germany and outsode Germany

I have bahn card 100 can I travel in ICE Sprinter in Germany and outside Germany like Amsterdam without any charges


Ok.. Thanks.
Then How I can pay the surcharge or extra ticket price from last station of Germany to Amsyerdam.. As with Bahncard 25 and 50 we get the discount.. Bt with Bahn card 100 what amount we need to pay

Hallo Naren,

you can't buy this ticket online. The purchase is only possible by phone: (0049) 180 6 99 66 33 (20 cents per call from a German landline, max. 60 cents per call from a German mobile network; costs for calls from abroad depend on provider) or in the DB Travel Centre (DB Reisezentrum). /ka