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BahnCard Cancellation


I purchased a BahnCard 25 while studying in Germany last year. I have since returned to the United States and have made several attempts to cancel my BahnCard and have not received a response from Deutsche Bahn. I have sent several emails containing my account information to bahncard-service@bahn.de for nearly two months. Today I received an email from Deutsche Bahn requiring payment for an automatic renewal of my BahnCard. I am extremely frustrated as I have followed the instructions given to me when purchasing for cancellation. How can I cancel my BahnCard?

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Hello mccanes0, the BahnCard is renewed automatically if our BahnCard-Service hasn't received a not of cancellation from the card-holder. Did you not receive a confirmation of your e-mail at the time? I can not help you in this service community either, as the decision lies with the BahnCard-Service. Sorry /ch