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Foreign traveler using DB Navigator App: Safer alternative to Passport as ID


I am a non-EU citizen and normally when I travel I prefer to keep my Passport in the central Hotel Safe due to horrible consequences of losing or getting one stolen.

Unfortunately train journeys currently seem to make it necessary to carry my passport with me. Are there any ways to avoid having to carry the passport each time I travel? I am paranoid I will lose or it gets stolen.

e.g. If my ticket is booked via the DB Navigator app does it still mean I need to carry a ID? For non-European must ID be the same as a passport or are other forms of ID valid as well?

Thanks in advance.



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Hello zugzebra,

all information about the online ticket can be found here.

During ticket inspection, the train attendant will scan the barcode and compare the details on the device display with the name on your ID document.

The following means of identification are accepted during ticket inspection:

  • German ID card
  • German passport
  • Children's passport
  • Electronic residence permit
  • Asylum registration confirmation (BüMA),
  • European ID card
  • International passport
  • BahnCard (in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage, valid only in conjunction with a photo ID, which may have to be presented on occasion).

Note: driver's licenses are not accepted as a means of identification during ticket inspection. /tr