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Good morning, I just have one question, about he people working at the information in Heidelberg, when 4 of them are in this booth, at 17:30 on the 24 October 2017, and I asked for help to buy a ticket, not one of them were able or willing to try and help me. They told me no English and after I said my destination, the woman just turned her computer screen to me, syo I could search myself. I said thank you and turned to go to the machine to buy a ticket. Then they all burst out laughing! I will try my best not to ever make use of the service, as it is a waste of time and degrading, is it not possible to have people who speaks English and are helpful?



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Cheryldine, were you at the information desk (DB Information) or at the DB travel centre (DB Reisezentrum) in Heidelberg? The colleagues at the information desk can't sell any tickets – they are only responsible for information about the station, if you have questions. /ch