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cómo solicitar reembolso de boleto no usado, porque nunca llegó el boleto a mi dirección?

In august 22, 2017, I bought this ticket Berlin-Warsaw. In this mail it says DB would send this ticket to my address. That never happened. I had to travel to Berlin last sunday 10 of september, and I went to Berlin HBF last thuesday 12 fo september, to get my ticket, because I did not receive it at home. But the person who received me that I had to buy a new one, and when I used it, I should scan and ask for repayment or refund of the old one (the one that never came to my address).
So here there is attached all, the information of the first ticket, and the information of the new ticket.
Please let me know if you need anything else.
My credit card is the same that I used to buy the second ticket, last september 12:

12/09/17 DB BAHN REISEZENTRUM Berlin DE 49,90 60,25
mastercard xxxxxxxxxxx
Fernando Aylwin Delfino

Thank you

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Hello Fernando, please send an e-mail to my colleagues of the online-service: fahrkartenservice@bahn.de and give your personal data (name, address and if you have, the order-number of the previously ordered ticket) and information about your second ticket. They will check your data and decide on the refund of your second ticket. /da