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Hello, due to storm Xavier I could not travel home on Thursday. I made extra costs. How can I get a refund?

I was suposed to travel home on Thursday; 16.37h from Berlin Gesundbrunnen to Zwolle (NL).
This was unpossible due to storm xavier.
DB kindly offered us a voucher a hotelvoucher for the first night. Unfortunately I also couldn't go home by train on Friday. Therefor I stayed an extra night from Friday to Saturday. Even on Saturday a lot of uncertainty about being able to to travel home by train. Because I really needed to go home to my children, I decided to book a flight.
How can I get a refund for the costs I have made?



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Hello Dian80,

the storm hits every one hard. Please fill that form and send it with your bills and receipts to Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte. They'll inform you what will be refunded. /ti