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I bought a wrong BahnCard.

I bought a wrong BahnCard.
Bought a BahnCard 25, but I should have got a My BahnCard 50 instead.
So now I have bought and started using my "My BahnCard 50"
Want to cancel BahnCard 25 and get the full-refund of 62 Euro.
Have sent emails multiple times but no reply.
When will I get the refund?
And any other things I need to/can do now?



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Hello george42195,

please contact my colleagues from the BahnCard service. You can reach them at the phone number: (0049 )180 6 34 00 35 (20 cents per call from a German landline, max. 60 cents per call from a German mobile network; costs for calls from abroad depending on provider) or by email: bahncard-service@bahn.de. Please tell my colleagues your personal data in your email, which you also indicated when ordering the BahnCard 25.

Here in the community unfortunately we can not help you. Because of data protection, we don't have access to your BahnCard data. /tr