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Concern about the line closure between Rastatt and Baden-Baden ?

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I will take the ICE the 26th of August from Offenburg to Frankfurt (ref: XXXX).

Can you tell me if this trip is impacted by the line closure between Rastatt and Baden-Baden?

I am looking forward hearing from you.

Best regards,
Ferdinand FRAULOB

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Hello Ferdinand, yes, you are affected by the restrictions. Please use at Baden-Baden the repleacment bus to Rastatt and then you can travel to Frankfurt. Look please at 25. August at bahn.de for more information to your connection. /no

I will take the 7:50 train from Rastatt which arrived in Frankfurt Flughafen at 9:06 normally. I hope the delay won't exceed 60min so I can have my flight at 11:50.
Thank you very much.