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Fahrradmitnahme in IC + RE

I tried to buy a ticket with bicycle (Fahrradmitnahme) for a route Berlin - Gütersloh, 22.07.2017, 8 o'clock. The best option for me was IC 148 + RE 10618. But after choosing "Online ticket" and "Fahrradskarte 9 euro" I got a message "Ihre gewünschte Fahrradmitnahme ist leider nicht möglich". Then I bought a sparpreis ticket without bicycle.
What does this message mean? Can I pay for my bicycle in the train? What should and can I do now to make sure that I will be onboarded?



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You have to reserve a place for your bicycle in the IC train. The message means that's impossible to reserve a place, maybe there are no places free.
There is no possibility to pay in the train.

Hello Aleksei,

Woodstock ist right. Please go to a DB Reisezentrum (travel center) or a travel agency to make a reservation for the IC. You can call the DB Reise-Service either. /ti