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Are there lockers at the Koblenz Train Station that accomodate large suitcases?

Are there lockers at the Koblenz Train Station that will accommodate large suitcases? If not, is there a luggage service center that would store the luggage and what is the cost?
Does the luggage service center in the Cologne train station store luggage that does not fit into the lockers and at what cost.
What are the hours of the luggage service centers?



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Good morning VGS, in Cologne and Koblenz you'll find lockers for luggage. Details for normal luggage are: height: 42, cm; depth: 80 cm, width: 27.3 cm. For big luggage: height: 61,5 cm; detph 93 cm; width: 47,2 cm. The prices differ from station to station. I can't give you more details.

In Cologne the storage at the luggage center costs 4 euros per calendar day and per luggage. The luggage center is open from 6 am to 10 pm. /no